How to choose the best vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is one of those household chores that are just plain thankless. You have to do it, but nobody thanks you for it. Well, here’s my thank you: get the best vacuum cleaner you can afford and spend more time doing things that are actually fun!

I’m not saying to be frugal—just make sure you’re getting a good value for your dollar. And knowing what to look for in a vacuum cleaner will help make that decision easier.

Decide whether you need a bagged or bagless vacuum

To decide whether a bagged or bagless vacuum is right for you, you should look at the pros and cons of each.

  • Bagged vacuums are more popular because they’re often cheaper and easier to maintain than their bagless counterparts, as they don’t require filter replacement or cleaning. However, they also tend to be less powerful than bagless models (though this varies greatly depending on the model) and heavier overall.
  • Bagless vacuums are generally more expensive than their bagged counterparts, but they can be less costly over time if you choose a model that doesn’t require as many replacements for its filters or bags. They may also be lighter in weight than traditional models since no heavy air filter or canister is required.

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Decide whether you want a stick or an upright vacuum

The first step in choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your needs is to decide which type you want. There are two main types: stick vacuums and upright vacuums. Stick vacuums are easier to carry around and can more easily get into tight spaces, such as between furniture or underneath beds, but they may not be as powerful as upright models.

Upright vacuums have larger dustbins, better filtration systems, and generally higher suction power than stick models—but they’re also heavier and less maneuverable. If you have back problems or mobility issues that make lifting difficult (or if you just don’t want to lug a heavy vacuum around), an upright may be your best bet; otherwise, a lightweight stick model like our top pick might suit your needs better.

Be aware of extra features to help you make your decision

The best vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in your home. It can help clean up dust and dirt, but it also helps keep your home safe from allergens like pollen, mold spores, and pet dander.

The best vacuum cleaners will have some common features that make them better than other models on the market. Some of these features include HEPA filters (which trap allergens) and long cords so you don’t have to unplug your vacuum every time you need to move it around your house.

If you want a multipurpose machine that’s great for cleaning upholstery or stairs, look for one with attachments such as an upholstery brush or crevice tool available in addition to standard accessories like a dusting brush and adjustable wand hose. Many vacuums come with several attachments included with purchase so you won’t need extra parts if they break down over time!

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Compare vacuums and prices within those categories

The first thing you’ll want to do is compare the best vacuum cleaners and their prices within each category. You can find reviews and ratings of vacuums on sites like Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, or the Home Depot’s site. Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on price and features, it’s time to check out the warranty information.

Finally, consider how much dust you’ll be collecting from bare floors vs carpets in addition to how often you plan on using your vacuum cleaner (daily? or weekly?). A bagless model may be best for those who want a lower price tag but don’t mind replacing bags every few months or so.

A good vacuum can be life-changing and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you choose well

A good and best vacuum cleaner can be life-changing. There’s no doubt about it. A good vacuum cleaner will save you time and energy, leave your house looking great and smelling fresh, and make cleaning less of a chore. If you choose the right model for your needs, it could even make vacuuming fun!

But what if I told you that there are plenty of options out there that cost less than $200? Not only are they affordable but also high-quality products that perform well and last for years upon years with proper care. The key is knowing what features to look out for when shopping around—and once these features become second nature to us all we’ll never go back!

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With all that in mind, we think you’re ready to make a smart decision about your next vacuum. Remember that some vacuums will have more features than others, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t need them or even want them. The most important thing is to find a model that fits your needs and budget. And as always, keep an eye out for deals on vacuums—they can be found everywhere!

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